• Timothy

Standing Firm In Christ, We Find Ourselves Living In Unparalleled Times

Timothy, a brother in Christ, To the church of Christ and to all those beloved by Him:

Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is important that I give special thanks to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, for in Him, we are found and redeemed. Together with you, there is confirmation in His grace, knowing, nothing we can do of our own self, is worthy, in any weight, nor does it deserve any forgiveness. And we share in our affirmation, everything, if it is to be anything, must be done through Him. He is our loving grace that has been bestowed upon us—and we cherish Him and love Him—by our hearts, and through our obedience.

There is love within my spirit for all of you in Christ Jesus, and I am thankful for the love you have. And as we endure in pursuit of purity and His righteousness, we can find the counsel of our hearts also. During the present days where Christ is removed from public schools, the teaching of evolution embraced, and many other things of which are contrary to the truth, we find ourselves living among mass murderers. The modern world has created an environment—a breeding ground—for a ravenous generation. People's hearts have become darkened, and their love is of themselves, and of the law made by man. But we have become wise to the truth in life, and the way we must conduct ourselves, we know the hearts of man are often grievous without the purity and moral teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we look at the signs of the times, we can see that tribulation draws very near; much of the world has increasingly become controlled by the laws of man—with little or no tolerance for what we hold close to our hearts. Our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ throughout many parts of the world are already suffering greatly. It is good that we have not been mistaken, and think all shall be spared from tribulations or removed before the appointed time; knowing in Him, part of our labor and reward is based on our afflictions, and for His sake, we know to rejoice in them. Rather, we continue giving our consolation to others without ceasing that we, and they, may be counted worthy in the end. And though it is fitting we should suffer for His glory, it is also important to us that we not sit idle watching, for we have a voice in power and love, that is, and always will be triumphant.

Standing firm in Christ, we find ourselves living in unparalleled times as the extreme worldly movements rage forth in their fury. And seeing that we not be counted as partakers in the unrighteousness unfolding, we continue to rise for His glory. Strong and fearless as lions we are called to be, yet harmless as doves, without harming anyone. In Him, we know it is wise to be strong, and also wise to resist physical confrontations. There is benefit in the Lord with those who are patient in love, while remaining steadfast in the teachings of the gospel, wheresoever defending righteous moral values—in His name.

I am thankful in the Lord for those of you who bear fruit that is good for the gospel of Jesus Christ; we share in the bonds as part of the same temple, and as members of the same body, we are called together, in love, and in harmony for His glory. And there is comfort knowing your passion in the Lord delivering the true message of the cross. For your labor lights the way in a dimly lit world for those who have strayed or have yet to come.

All glory be to God, our Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ. I now leave you with the parting gift of my love, for your faith brings joy to my heart and spirit.


The mission

Timothy is reaching out on behalf of people and children throughout the world, helping to raise awareness regarding the dangers of extreme liberalism, and standing for conservative values based on truth in the light of His Holy teachings.

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