• Timothy

To The Remnant Church Of Christ And To All Those Who Are His

Timothy, a brother in Christ Jesus, To the remnant church of Christ and to all those who are His:

Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. First, I give thanks to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ for all of you who remain steadfast and undivided. Your labor of faith gives hope to others that in our obedience through His glory, we can find our redemption.

I had wanted to write again to you sooner, beloved, as I am reminded often of you in spirit; however, the Lord had other plans for me temporarily and kept me tarrying focused on His light. Although I was able to send word to some of you in recent years, it has not been until present that I am moving forward with my outreach to the people. I am grateful to the Lord, for He has given hope to me through His grace, and that I may help people during these troubled times.

The season changes rapidly, and the signs of the times are upon us. Extreme worldly movements rage forth, polluting purity under the disguise of righteousness. In recent years, we have been able to see with a much clearer eye regarding extremism within the modern world. Currently, there is much conflict concerning laws, regulations, conservative values, and even one's ability to pursue righteousness. Indeed this is a momentous battle. If we look forward, we can see what is poised to come upon the lands—persecution without rest is brewing forth—but we know not to worry. For through the Father, we received the end from the beginning. We have the truth in the scriptures in our Lord's word, and we remember the encouragements from our brothers in times past, like Paul the apostle, who spoke of matters such as these long ago. Standing firm in one spirit, we rejoice in the Lord for those who persevere in the gospel bringing forth the truth from the root of the vine—the lion of Judah—the way it was meant to be.

Also, I am thankful for those within the church who are giving special notice to the children in the world, for the days are perilous, and the odds are increasing against them to find their way. The extra resources made available to parents are helping further their care for the children in love, obedience, and in the commandments of Jesus Christ. It is good we see parents teaching children at their homes when they are not present at church, and that children are being exposed continuously to all things in the Lord and what is required of them. We can see much of the world has become void in the ways of Christ, and the pressures have become overwhelming for them. The added attention is helping the children with a greater understanding of the troubled times in which we live. And with the current educational systems, media, and entertainment within the world rapidly heading away from what is right and true, there is joy in Christ that extra care is being given to the little ones.

During the present time, I labor focused on a restoration in the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ. And so shall it be—I come forth to the people regarding dangers of extremism, and standing for conservative values in Christ. We can see the times are unprecedented where right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. The people and children are in danger of eternal judgment with the extreme situation, and the time has come for change. As I begin to move forward, helping to raise awareness in Christ, I remember all of the beloved in prayer, for there is much required from those who are His during these last days. And if you are able to pray for me, I thank you, your prayers are appreciated. For I seek in the Lord for strength—to continue my work of faith—remaining thankful for all things through Christ.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.


The mission

Timothy is reaching out on behalf of people and children throughout the world, helping to raise awareness regarding the dangers of extreme liberalism, and standing for conservative values based on truth in the light of His Holy teachings.

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